A Love Letter to Myself: What I Discovered Writing My Book

The words in this book originated as a love letter I wrote to myself—my true self--the self I had unconsciously silenced for far too long. I yearned to return to my heart’s home. As I quieted myself and trusted my internal compass, the words came. I listened and was led on a beautiful, yet sometimes difficult journey. I thought the words came to me simply to teach me. But, what I found was that the words came to help me remember something I had forgotten. When I opened the door to my heart, everything was just as I had left it—there I was, my true self, my most familiar. How could I have kept her quiet for so long? Why had I ever left my heart’s home? To make sure this was a place I’d never lose sight of again, I gave my heart’s home an address. This book will lead you on a journey to visit your heart’s home. The address to your heart is a special location, completely unique to you. The questions at the end of the book will help you to know your heart’s address so you may never again lose sight of your true self. Your address may change as your life changes, but your true self inside will always be there to guide you. Blessings to you on your journey, and—should you find yourself nearby—you are always welcome to stop by my heart's home: 218 Three Moon Lane.


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