And so it begins...

As I sat on the plane, I closed my eyes and dozed off. Suddenly, five bold letters popped into my mind: C O L D D. Wondering what these could possibly signify, I quieted myself and asked for the meaning. I patiently waited and, as always, a response came: Creating Our Life’s Deepest Desire. This was it! These five letters and their corresponding five words described my journey. Without knowing how to verbalize it, this phrase came in a way destined to grab my attention. ​As I continue on my sojourn, I realize the wisdom of those who have gone before me. I learn from those who are on a similar path, and I anticipate the joy and self-discovery as I am awakened to what lies ahead. I hope you will join me as I continue this excursion. Like most travel, sharing the experience enriches it. For this reason, a triumvirate of three women will write this blog. Three women, three different ages at three unique stages of life, and travelling three different paths, are all seeking the same destination to Create Life’s Deepest Desires.

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