The Nesting Box

I heard a wise woman say that women have an amazing desire and ability to love and nurture that which grows in the darkness inside them. Even though it cannot yet be seen or it may not be fully formed, women love the creation growing within them

Some never lose that desire. Even after women stop producing eggs, we long for new growth within us. Our definition of fertility changes and we find ourselves at a time that instead of giving new life to others, we can begin to pay attention to that which is eager to be born within us.

My life as the oldest girl in a family of ten children, a neonatal intensive care nurse, mother of four children and grandmother of six, has been richly blessed by the miracle of new life. However, my busy life was not conducive to my personal longing to continue creating at 61. I knew I needed to discover and go to a nesting box: someplace quiet, warm, and dark.

Although the darkness and quiet seemed unfamiliar and uncomfortable at times, I intuitively knew both were vital for producing what was longing to be born within me. I was surprised as I waited and listened to what was buried inside me, anxious to be explored. There were parts of me long forgotten and eager to be remembered. I realized something wonderful was incubating; something I never expected, something not fully formed, and something I loved without seeing.

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