Beauty in the cracks...

One of my English professors in college opened class one day by stating, as if it were fact, that there is beauty in everything. This led to a thoughtful discussion turned heated debate, as you might imagine. While I can’t say that I agree with my professor’s opinion in every scenario, the conversations from that morning left an imprint that shifted my thinking. It expanded my perception of “beauty” and began opening my eyes to the glimmers light that can be woven through the darkness of tragedy, pain and suffering. A framework was created that day, and it enabled me to reflect on my own suffering, and see it through a new lens - one that magnified growth, opportunity and beauty. When look at the picture of the egg, I am brought back to this lesson. I see the beauty of having been cracked open. Although the crack still shows, it is also what created space for the light to come flooding out. I'm reminded that whether we want this to unite us or not, being cracked open - by grief, loss, disappointment, failure and the like - is something we all share. Yet all too often we are ashamed of our cracks. We see them as flaws and try to cover them up or hide them. But the problem, or opportunity, is that life is not going to stop cracking us open, hairline breaks and full-on fractures. And so we have a choice: we can live in shame or denial of our cracks and in fear of cracks to come, or we can channel that energy inward, cultivating what is inside and knowing that the cracks can create space for our light to shine out and just as importantly to let light in.

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