Wake Up Call

​I awoke to the words, “Pay attention to the expiration date” Wow, what a wake up call. What exactly does “THAT” mean? As is customary these days, I let the words linger and reminded myself to not let the words I hear evoke fear. Words often come to teach me or help me remember something I have forgotten. So, with my eyes still closed, I know my next step is to pull out an imaginary Rubik's cube and begin twisting. I take the words and work to see how many ways they fit into my life. Of course, my first thought was the simplest: what's in my fridge that needs to be thrown out? I like the easy matches. Maybe I’m done. However, I know better. I need to go beyond the easy. There's more… Keep twisting. Look at every side. I've learned to take time, to be patient and to see where I may be led. Today, I was led to the thought, “am I living like I have an expiration date?” This thought leads me to awareness that my life has an expiration date. The words came as a call to be more intentional. My recent journey brought me to rediscover my interior home. When I let myself cozy up here, I am living from my most familiar. Here I found, I am the love I have been searching for. This is where I want to live! This is how I want to live--from my heart! Like there is an expiration date stamped across my forehead. I know the words that jolted me awake were a gift to help me remember the importance of living fully, living intentionally, and living the love I have searched for. The more we all live with intention, the more we can unify—by knowing we all have an expiration date, we can encourage each other. By sharing our stories, we can lead each other back home, hand-in-hand Listening to Tina Malio's song, "Walking Home" reminds me of the importance of home and life’s paradox: it is a journey done alone but made richer when shared. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il2PJatEk6E

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